Virtual Villagers: Origins

Virtual Villagers: Origins 1.0.2

The casual people sim goes mobile


  • Relaxing and easy to play
  • Good tutorials
  • Cute, simple graphics


  • Little difference to the desktop versions
  • Interface a little small on smaller screens!

Very good

Virtual Villagers: Origins is a free version of the popular PC and Mac games. Based, as ever, on the island of Isola, you have to help the villagers survive and thrive.

While there are a few new features, this is essentially a portable port of the desktop game. Although the interface is quite small, you won't really have problems using it, and touch controls over all seem to suit Virtual Villagers: Origins. It is a casual title, and while you can 'make babies', there's nothing remotely adult about it. Helping your villagers learn new talents and solve island puzzles to survive is all very cheerful, and very gentle.

Like the Nintendo classic Animal Crossing, time continues in Virtual Villagers: Origins even when you're not playing. This encourages you to check in on your villagers regularly. While it's free to play, and you can access everything, you can pay for more credits and speed up your development on the island.

If you're a fan of the series, you'll be right at home with Virtual Villagers: Origins. It's easy to get into for newcomers too. As a relaxing title to dip in and out of occasionally, it is recommended!

Virtual Villagers: Origins


Virtual Villagers: Origins 1.0.2

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